Let the salon & spa business experts
 build your cash-flow plan!
If you don't have a cash-flow plan, you're flying blind.
We'll build your plan AND teach you how to use it.
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Stop flying blind...and start making informed decisions

Your salon/spa’s financial future and health rests squarely on your shoulders. Your employees and your families are looking to your leadership to guide your business. There is no better way to safely and confidently navigate your business than through the use of a Cash-Flow Plan.

A Cash-Flow Plan is like a GPS unit for your business. It replaces the stress of financial uncertainty with the focus and peace of mind of knowing the road ahead. 

More importantly, a Cash-Flow Plan allows you to rapidly adjust to potential cash challenges that loom ahead.

Strategies' Profit Projector Coaching Package will get you on track...and fast!

In 4 calls, we'll build your cash-flow plan and deliver it in Microsoft Excel.

Nobody knows salon and spa numbers like Strategies. Nobody. Now is your chance to work hand-in-hand with one of our Certified Strategies Coaches to help you build a bulletproof roadmap for the next 12 months.

Profit Projector Coaching Package includes...
  • A comprehensive financial review of your Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and key performance drivers
  • A Cash-Flow Plan that Strategies builds for you based on your historical and potential performance data. Repeat — we build the Cash-Flow Plan for you
  • A completed 12-month Cash-Flow Plan for the next 12 months delivered to you in Microsoft Excel
  • Four phone coaching sessions to train you to use and adjust your Cash-Flow Plan as needed
  • Guaranteed completion in four weeks or less
What's included...
The Profit Projector Coaching Package

We'll build it all for just...


Act now to get started!

  • A personally-assigned Certified Strategies Coach
  • Four phone coaching sessions to help you build and learn how to use your Cash-Flow Plan
  • Guaranteed completion in four weeks or less
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